How old were you when you had your Uh Oh moment?

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Did you ever have one? I am having one at 49 and I am finding this article helpful:How to Let Go of Wanting to Look Young | MORE Magazine

If you had an uh oh moment or are having one, how did/do you cope?
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Though, I am approaching 30 at the end of this year, I want to share that I relate to the uh-oh, and I want to thank you for sharing this. I had a similair moment after having my son 3 years ago, and it took awhile to mourn the loss of my pre-baby body and lifestyle. It did help me to change my inner monologue from "I need to be back to a size 12" to "I'm fine as hell as a size 16!". It also helped to look to the future saying I will miss my size 16 body when my boobs hit the floor later in life. Then, when my boobs hit the floor later in life, I will say, I will miss my saggy boobs when I need to replace my hips later in life. Funny thing is, looking back, at my "on the verge of plus sized" pre-baby body, I say "damn! I should've worn more bikinis!" and guess what? BOOM! I wiggled this size 16 body into an itty bitty bikini on my trip to the Keys last summer and I-felt-GREAT! I have to remind myself, as I continue to age, I need to "dance in the rain" and wear that bikini whenever I darn well please

Again, thank you.
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I didn't really think about being 'old' until I was into my 50's. I always looked 'young for my age' until a few years ago. Now I look my age and am fine with it.
I had made the decision long ago that I wasn't going to put too much effort into staying 'young'. No hair dye, expensive skin care, no botox, no procedures, no surgery. No spending loads of money or time on trying to fend off age. No matter what I do, I am still the age I am and until we can easily get replacement parts, that's how it will be. I can use botox or surgery to make my face look like I'm 30, but my heart and lungs will still be 56. So I see no reason to pretend otherwise.
That doesn't mean I don't try to look nice. I do. I love makeup and jewelry and nail polish. I wear whatever clothes I like, usually from the juniors department. I'm not one to be frumpy no matter how old I am.
I want to enjoy life at every age.
--I'm located in Western PA.
--I found NC in late 2004, CG since 2-2005, started going grey in late 2005.
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I'm 48 and about 40 I saw more weight gain and gray hairs. I'm not obsessed about looks though I do groom myself nicely daily so I really haven't fretted like I see many do. Oh well, life is short. Important thing is to be happy with yourself and what contribute. There's a woman at work that is grossly overweight. She also is unattractive. She has a better personality and is happier in life than many who look better than her are. She was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Still the same. Life is short so be happy and don't fret about what you can't change if you can't or if inside you really don't care and can change.

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